Contemporary classical music


Inversio – for prepared piano and vibrophone (piece was composed especially for Nowicki Duo ensemble)


być/nie być  /  to be/not to be for violin, clarinet, percussion and piano – Listen

Fatum for sinfonietta and vocal ensemble – Listen


crushed quartet for prepared strings quartet and electronics –  Listen

arrangement of a Polish Christmas carol Mizerna Cicha (Meager and Quiet) for the vocal ensemble Welt Oktett

Contra for sinfonietta, vocal ensemble and live electronics

znowu to samo / here we go again for improvising guitarist and live electronics

trzy po trzy / three by three (words play) for accordion trio – Listen


REmembering for electronics and video (video: Monika Bober) – Listen

Szukaj Lasu / Looking for the forest for vocal ensamble (piece written for the WELT collective) – Listen

Emak-Bakia for saxophone in C, piano, violin I, violin II and double-bass (music for movie Emak-Bakia by Man Ray) – Listen

on the verge of… for viola, accordion, percussion and electronics (the piece received a distinction at the 11th Zygmunt Mycielski Composers’ Competition) – Listen

solo traveler for accordion solo – Listen

TapeGame for baritone saxophone, footswitch and electronics

(Nie) pamięć / (no) memory for electronics and video (by students of the Academy of Fine Arts) – Listen



Niepokoje senne / Nightmares for flute, marimba and cello (the piece was selected for the 4th edition of the “Music of Our Times” program)

*** tylko przy tobie /*** only with you for tenor solo and string quartet – Listen

ePitaph for symphony orchestra (the piece received the 1st prize at the International Competition for Composers in Vienna, organized by The New Symphony Vienna)

Pater Noster for mixed choir – Listen

Mrok_i! / Dark_ness! for electronics and video (by Oliwia Drozdowicz) – Listen


Potpourri for alto flute, french horn, percussion, violin and violoncello – Listen

 SOLissimo for violoncello solo (also version for viola) – Listen

Nymphai for flute, viola and harp  – Listen

Mini cycle of short pieces for piano solo

Three-voice fugue in d for piano solo (also version for organ solo)


Ta łza / That tear for choir and string orchestra (the piece received the Grand Prize at the National Competition for Composers in Kalisz)

Splashes I, II, III for piano trio – Listen

Spiritus movens for violoncello solo

Lava for percussion and string orchestra

AJKM_5445 for violin, violoncello and celtic harp


Intrada / Intrade for brass orchestra

Wariację na temat Szeligowskiego / Variation on the them of Szeligowski for piano solo


Liber Iudith for orchestra (the piece received the 3rd prize ex aequo at the 14th National Competition for Composers of the UFM in Warsaw) – Listen


Nocna eskapada chochlików / Goblins’ night escapade for flute, violin and piano (the piece received a distinction at the 2nd Composition Competition for Youth My note in Łódź)

Pejzaż tańczących dmuchawców / Landscape of dancing dandelions for piano solo

Aegrimonia for oboe, bassoon, horn, trombone, tuba and string orchestra

Poszukiwania nr 2 / Discovering no.2 for clarinet, cello and piano

Poszukiwania / Discovering for piano solo


Żar / Embers for orchestra and piano

Mgła / Fog for string quintet and piano

Vanitas for timpani, tam-tam, piano and mixed choir

Miniatura / Miniature for piano solo


Podmuch / Puff for guitar solo

Wariacje oparte na Walcu a – moll F. Chopina / Variation based on the waltz in a-minor by Chopin for piano solo (the piece received a special distinction at the Hommage a Chopin Regional Composers’ Competition in Poznan)