January 2023

19, 20, 21 I – re-premiere and shows of the eSki performance
direction: Marta Wisniewska

music: Magdalena Gorwa
cooperation: The Batory Theatre
Institute of J. Grotowski, Wrocław

February 2023

4 II – Premiere of the performance Mój teatr jest tam gdzie ja [My theater is where I am]
direction: Magdalena Mlynarczyk
music: Magdalena Gorwa
producer: Tashka
Gulliver Theatre, Warsaw

26 II – The premiere of the performance Troja. Wojny nie będzie! [Troja.There will be no war!]
direction: Anna Wieczorek
music: Magdalena Gorwa
Opolski Teatr Lalki i Aktora [Opole Puppet and Actor Theatre]

March 2023

20 III – premieres of the performances Little Red Riding Hood  and Sposób na Alcybiadesa
direction: Małgorzata Pilczuk
Aczemu Theatre

24 III – performance of the piece to be/not to be for violin, clarinet, percussion and piano
performers: Kwartludium
Swedish Radio in Stockholm

Work in progress:​


Performance Drops
direction: Marta Wiśniewska and Alicja Helfojer
music: Magdalena Gorwa


The piece Inversio for the Nowicki/Nowicki Duo ensamble
Paweł Nowicki – percussion
Piotr Nowicki – piano

music: Magdalena Gorwa


Performance Naj Naj Dom [A Little House]
direction: Magdalena Młynarczyk
music: Magdalena Gorwa
Rabcio Puppet Theatre, Rabek-Zdroj